Poptropica Crowd: Unmasked

I know it would be old to write about this, but I looked a the Poptropica Crowd Wallpaper that I got from the Creator’s blog. I counted the people there and listed them out. If I wrote something wrongly, please comment and point out my mistake!

  1. Helen Hiker
  2. Random Doctor I don’t know—probably the eye checkup guy
  3. Random guy with black and white tall hat that looks like an olden time policeman
  4. Random Poptropican Boy
  5. Lion outfit
  6. Random Poptropican Girl
  7. Person from the group of people below the fountain in Astro-Knights
  8. Robin Hood
  9. Sir Whatever—the ice guy
  10. Biker Girl
  11. Poptropican Baseball Batter
  12. Green Superhero Costume from “Masks and Capes”
  13. Random guy that looks like someone from Indiana Jones
  14. CJ
  15. The cat from 24 Carrot Island—Whiskers!
  16. Viking Man
  17. Guy from Time Tanged that I forgot
  18. Robot Man from the Money Ladder demo game
  19. Thomas Edison
  20. Tofu Dog
  21. Trader at Nabooti
  22. S.B. Anthony
  23. Pop Star
  24. Pop Star (boy)
  25. Random Poptropican with Vampire-ish hair
  26. Sir Whatever No. 2—the fire guy
  27. Random Poptropican with grey cap
  28. I’m not really sure where she was from…
  29. Speedy Spike
  30. The girl outside Ship Shape shop who says “Give a man a fish and he will be full for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will be full for a lifetime!”
  31. Cowgirl
  32. Random Poptropican with Braids and pink glasses
  33. Dragon
  34. Firefighter
  35. Ninja Master
  36. Royal Ball
  37. Soft Serve Ice Cream
  38. Nikola Tesla
  39. Miss Anne Oakley (Wild West)
  40. Pilot from Nabooti
  41. Leader of the Tomb Raiders (give him a ring at 555-6789!)
  42. Mystery Train Investigator
  43. Merry Muse
  44. BAD Man
  45. Guy with Skull Mask
  46. Random Poptropican Boy
  47. Random Poptropican Girl
  48. Random Poptropican Girl
  49. Random Poptropican Girl
  50. Busy Bob
  51. Random Poptropican Girl
  52. Pallas Athena
  53. Betty Jetty
  54. Templar Knight
  55. Medusa
  56. Princess of Astro-Knights
  57. Geisha Girl
  58. Salerno (or what looks like it)
  59. Witch Doctor Man
  60. Astro Knights Librarian
  61. Old Man that looks Chinese
  62. Familiar man with a hat and hair comin’ out of it with mustache
  63. Lady that looks like she was from olden times with a feather in her hair
  64. Guy with mouth open and funky hair
  65. One of the guys from the manor at Skullduggery (I think)
  66. King of Astro-Knights
  67. Random Poptropican Boy
  68. Captain Crawfish
  69. Random Poptropican Boy
  70. Random Poptropican Girl
  71. Poseidon
  72. Girl that looks like the one who was a bunny drone in 24 Carrot
  73. Fries
  74. Black Astro Knight
  75. Rock Star 2
  76. Guy that looks familiar but I don’t know him
  77. A person from olden times that looks like the guy at the Manor in Skullduggery Island
  78. Casino Man at Wild West Island Casino
  79. First person to scale Mount Everest (forgot his name)
  80. Grumpy Dog
  81. Hercules (or Heracles)
  82. Grandma Gracie
  83. Random Poptropican Girl
  84. Mime
  85. Mind-Reading Guy from Super Power (Forgot his name)
  86. Guy that looks like from Bouffant Bay
  87. El Mustachio
  88. Red Super Hero for Masks and Capes
  89. Ned Noodlehead
  90. Random Poptropican Boy
  91. Random Poptropican Boy
  92. Guy that looks familiar
  93. Person at Counterfiet who has those way-too-cheery drawings
  94. Random Poptropican Boy
  95. Captain Cobalt
  96. The robot in Astro Knights in the dungeon (Until you blow it up)
  97. Rock Star 1
  98. Zack, also known as the Steamworks Kid…
  99. I’m not a boy, but I’m guessing it’s the Mythology Surfer Boy.
  100. Ship Shape Man
  101. Gretchen Grimlock
  102. Random Poptropican Boy
  103. Guy from Counterfeit, who betrayed you, then was betrayed by Black Widow.
  104. Random Poptropican Girl
  105. Spy from Spy Island
  106. Weirdo Man from Spy Island who hid in the bushes
  107. Balloon Boy!
  108. Mr Siva in disguise who zaps you with the Shrink Ray Gun
  109. Guy from Time Tangled (forgot the year) with the Headdress
  110. Someone from Time Tangled that looks familiar
  111. Chinese soldier who was building the Great Wall of China.
  112. Woman in Main Street Spy Island
  113. Dr Hare
  114. Someone who looks like from Time Tangled
  115. A Roman from Time Tangled
  116. Mark Twain
  117. Rickie Rock
  118. Leonardo Da Vinci
  119. Guy at Golden Harbour who looks like Tomb Raider in Nabooti
  120. Bret Batter
  121. Someone who looks like from Bouffant Bay in Skullduggery
  122. Guy standing on the Meteor in Super Power
  123. Swan Ballerina
  124. Lady who was either in Nabooti or Golden Harbour. She looks like the one Harvesting Figs in Nabooti.
  125. Random Poptropican Girl
  126. Not-Lunar-Colony Astronaut
  127. Sir Cador—Green Astro Knight
  128. Random Poptropican Boy
  129. The Porter
  130. Binary Bard
  131. Familiar-looking guy—I think he’s one of the store items in the Boy Store.
  132. Man in Wild West (forgot)
  133. Girl at the Diamond-something place in Wild West
  134. Rat Man in Super Power
  135. One of the Cowboys in Wild West (forgot)
  136. J Earl in Wild West
  137. Diving Outfit in Big Nate
  138. Captain Ziggs’ wife
  139. Captain Ziggs of Steamworks
  140. Someone I don’t know. He has blue icy gear. Probably a boy costume.
  141. Sprocket
  142. Zeus
  143. Pirate Costume
  144. Random Poptropican Girl
  145. Poptropican Footballer
  146. Copy Cat from Super Power
  147. Policewoman form Super Power
  148. Hades
  149. Monk from Himalayas in Cryptids
  150. A Ninja Master Costume
  151. Sickly Skull
  152. Betty Brownie
  153. Chef Jeff
  154. Freddie Fry
  155. Hip Hop
  156. Hippie Harry
  157. Lassie Lasso
  158. Daredevil
  159. Magic Mervin
  160. That inmate from Super Power who has a short temper and throws stuff
  161. Grandpa Grum
  162. Richie Rebel
  163. Sally Score
  164. Guy that looks like from Skullduggery
  165. Slim Slam
  166. Sarah Snooty
  167. Cathy Codex
  168. Black Widow
  169. Bucky Lucas
  170. Pinkerton Man
  171. Sumo Wrestler—the one you have to wrestle
  172. Mr Mews
  173. A Pirate from Pirate Outpost, Maybe?
  174. Director D
  175. Shark Boy
  176. Random Poptropican Girl
  177. Person at entrance inside the Nabooti African Museum
  178. Mime Girl
  179. Chameleon Suit
  180. Guy with Hard Hat
  181. Queen of Astro Knights
  182. Some Pirate from an island in Skullduggery.
  183. The Inventor (Gustave Eiffel has the same hair!)
  184. Harry Houdini
  185. A robot I thought was Dr Romero
  186. Random Poptropican Boy
  187. Guide in Himalayas Cryptids
  188. Poptropican Police Girl from Super Villain Erewhon Prison
  189. Minotaur
  190. Farmer from Puerto Rico, Cryptids
  191. Captain Crimson

Out of the 191 characters, 24 of them are Random Poptropicans—a rather nice number.

Here’s the pic:



Hi guys! 

I’m new and just started writing a blog dedicated just to Poptropica Fashion becuase 

A. I LOVE finding new fashion combinations in poptropica! 

B. I suck at writing walkthroughs:( 

C. I also like posting random things throughout islands but I don’t really like commenting on new things coming up though I may sometimes try:).

If you have a costume that you want to share, type it in comments and I will post it on my blog and write your name on it! 

But if you don’t want your name, you can kindly request for me to not put it in and I will oblige:) 

I love glee (Google it!) and I love music as well, especially Broadway music though I don’t really want to perform on Broadway when I grow up. I want to be a comic artist or an author. 

My username in Poptropica is supernicey. 

My favorite blog on wordpress is Super Thunder’s Blog (itsapoptropicablog.wordpress.com). You should go there too! 

Here are my first costumes. If you don’t like them or want to edit them, write it in comments and I will post a second edit version of the costume ASAP. 


There are some conditions e.g. you need to finish and island/ not finish an island, so collecting this costumes take patience as well.

You also can’t be in a far out place like the moon in Edo, the moon in Lunar Colony, or CJ’s room in Shrink Ray.

My Creations:

Music Lover Girl/My First Outfit

Credits needed: 0 credits

You have to have completed Shrink Ray/SOS Island. You also cannot be in a far out place like the moon in Lunar Colony or in Edo in Red Dragon Island.

  1. Go to shrink ray island and copy C.J’s hoodie and shirt (actually, any shirt is fine)
  2. Go to Cryptids Island and copy the girl-with-the-hat’s skirt.
  3. Go to S.O.S Island and copy the captain’s ponytail. OR copy the girl-with-the-hat-on-Cryptids-Island hair (back portion only). The curly hair is also worn by the girl in the “McGuffin Superfan” tent in Night Watch and the girl outside the Final Frontier gift shop who wants to go to the beach.
  4. Go to Lunar Colony Island and copy the headphones and mp3-player-like-thing from the guy outside the Final Frontier Gift Shop OR you can copy the same things from the guy that was last in line in front of Twin Palms Mall.
  5. Get the small flip-up bang from the Goth boy standing by the helicopter at Reality TV island (if you have not finished the island, he is outside the TV Shop)
  6. Dye your hair brown or orange and your skin just a little bit lighter than tan.


Fashion Fairy

Credits needed: 75 credits (Pop Star)

  1. Go to Red Dragon Island and copy the jacket from the guy outside the Magic Tree House Store.
  2. Buy Pop Star and costumize the bangs with the earrings (or any other bangs with earrings)
  3. Get another curly thin bang from a random Poptropican.
  4. Get the Nanny McPhee dress from a common room. They’re pretty popular.
  5. Get the really popular polka-dotted belt from someone in a common room.
  6. Get the small flip-up bang from the Goth boy at Reality TV Island.
  7. Find the Tinker Bell fairy wings.
  8. Copy the girl-with-the-hat-on-Cryptids-Island hair (back portion only)