Hi guys! 

I’m new and just started writing a blog dedicated just to Poptropica Fashion becuase 

A. I LOVE finding new fashion combinations in poptropica! 

B. I suck at writing walkthroughs:( 

C. I also like posting random things throughout islands but I don’t really like commenting on new things coming up though I may sometimes try:).

If you have a costume that you want to share, type it in comments and I will post it on my blog and write your name on it! 

But if you don’t want your name, you can kindly request for me to not put it in and I will oblige:) 

I love glee (Google it!) and I love music as well, especially Broadway music though I don’t really want to perform on Broadway when I grow up. I want to be a comic artist or an author. 

My username in Poptropica is supernicey. 

My favorite blog on wordpress is Super Thunder’s Blog ( You should go there too! 

Here are my first costumes. If you don’t like them or want to edit them, write it in comments and I will post a second edit version of the costume ASAP. 


There are some conditions e.g. you need to finish and island/ not finish an island, so collecting this costumes take patience as well.

You also can’t be in a far out place like the moon in Edo, the moon in Lunar Colony, or CJ’s room in Shrink Ray.

My Creations:

Music Lover Girl/My First Outfit

Credits needed: 0 credits

You have to have completed Shrink Ray/SOS Island. You also cannot be in a far out place like the moon in Lunar Colony or in Edo in Red Dragon Island.

  1. Go to shrink ray island and copy C.J’s hoodie and shirt (actually, any shirt is fine)
  2. Go to Cryptids Island and copy the girl-with-the-hat’s skirt.
  3. Go to S.O.S Island and copy the captain’s ponytail. OR copy the girl-with-the-hat-on-Cryptids-Island hair (back portion only). The curly hair is also worn by the girl in the “McGuffin Superfan” tent in Night Watch and the girl outside the Final Frontier gift shop who wants to go to the beach.
  4. Go to Lunar Colony Island and copy the headphones and mp3-player-like-thing from the guy outside the Final Frontier Gift Shop OR you can copy the same things from the guy that was last in line in front of Twin Palms Mall.
  5. Get the small flip-up bang from the Goth boy standing by the helicopter at Reality TV island (if you have not finished the island, he is outside the TV Shop)
  6. Dye your hair brown or orange and your skin just a little bit lighter than tan.


Fashion Fairy

Credits needed: 75 credits (Pop Star)

  1. Go to Red Dragon Island and copy the jacket from the guy outside the Magic Tree House Store.
  2. Buy Pop Star and costumize the bangs with the earrings (or any other bangs with earrings)
  3. Get another curly thin bang from a random Poptropican.
  4. Get the Nanny McPhee dress from a common room. They’re pretty popular.
  5. Get the really popular polka-dotted belt from someone in a common room.
  6. Get the small flip-up bang from the Goth boy at Reality TV Island.
  7. Find the Tinker Bell fairy wings.
  8. Copy the girl-with-the-hat-on-Cryptids-Island hair (back portion only)


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