Despicable Me, Non-Stop Summer

Hi guys!

Besides the Non-Stop Summer Ad that I was talking about the other day, because the Despicable Me 2 is coming out on 3rdJuly, there are new Despicable Me 2 Ads on Poptropica!


There is one game-in-poptropica to play, and there are two others that you have to open a new browser to play. If you click on those two games, though you haven’t played it yet, as long as you have opened the new window, your character will get a costumizable minion card and a Freeze Gun Power! The Minion is fully costumizable:) and the Freeze Gun seems to shoot out ice that should freeze you.

For the game-in-poptropica, you just have to find a car, (on the palm tree at the left), an AVL Badge (talk to the small girl who likes unicorns), the freeze ray gun (with the girl with the glasses –forgot her name) and the lipstick taser (from the old guy with sunglasses). You get a fart gun and a lipstick taser! They both shoot out stuff. (the fart gun really farts.)


Plus, Disney XD Nonstop Summer is still in Poptropica. Be sure to check it out because a new game has been released just yesterday.

That’s the new one.

Keep Popping!


Listen up for New Things!

Hey Guys! First of all, i would like to say that Beta Tester for 24 Carrot Beta Carrotene is out for Members Only now! Get your free tester suit from the store!!! 🙂 Unfortunately I’m not a members so I can’t do that….:( Sounds like fun, though. 


Secondly, Virus Hunter Trailer is out, released by Black Widow on the PCB. NOW you seem more like a hero. Yay. Plus they said at the end of the trailer that it going to be released with SOUNDS! HOORAY!!!

Watch the trailer now! 

Listen up with your HARE EARS!

Hi guys! There’s a new Dr Hare code from the Lego CUUSOO Project! It’s DRHARE7500 (No caps). Once you activate it, everyone in the room will have Dr Hare Ears! Image

Once you leave the room, the power will be gone. Well, they finally decided to give us like, a quarter of Dr Hare’s costume that you can only get if you by the Dr Hare plushie…:)

Speaking of Dr Hare, he, along with the other creators, have decided to enlarge the screen on 24 Carrot Island! If you are a member, soon a Beta Tester costume will end up in your backpack! This is how the HUGE screen looks like now in comparison to the old one (taken from the PCB):



Click to see how big the picture really is! 

I hope they really do that for Counterfeit Island and Dr Hare’s Secret Lab so  I can see the minions of whatever villain easier. 

Or maybe they should just stop doing that and focus on Virus Hunter because Moi=IMPATIENT FOR NEW ISLANDS!


New Summer Ads coming to Poptropica…

Hey Guys! It’s me again. I’m pretty annoying:)

There are some new Campaigns in Poptropica… 3 in total! I think it’s the first time they had so many at one go.

1. Monster University

Monster University has been in Poptropica for awhile, and this kind of ad is the watch-a-video-and-get-a-prize thing. The first prize was the Monster University Cap. It’s just a normal cap that you can costumize.

The next item was the Scream Power, which allowed you to costumize a scream device, one you could carry on your back and another you could use by pressing Spacebar–everyone in the room gets scared of the scream!

The latest item is the fright power. When you activate it, press the Spacebar and your character will get scared because four MU monster willl come out only to be scared away by  Sulley. Your character will be scared once more and then everything would be over. Fright Power

If you leave the power on, whenever you press spacebar if you are not holding any special item, the Fright Power will be back again.

If they are people in the room, everyone except you will run away while the Fright Power is working!

2. Middle School

Middle School is apparently about a boy. Anyway, it is the video again. After watching the video, you get a power that allows you to watch a helicopter take the boy away. It is pretty boring.

3. Disney XD: Kickin’ It

Port-a-Potty Room: Costumize Karate Outfit plus click on the circle that says High Kick Power will make you kick high in the air along with everyone else. There is also a karate outfit to costumize, and when you sit on the potty, you will fly up to the disco ball on the top floor.

Somehow, there were sparkles around me when I entered the room. I don’t know how that happened.

Jump onto the yellow bike outside and you will go to the games place. There are four different games to play, but when I was posting this, only two of them were out. You get prizes for each of them like special powers and followers. Bernstein


Coming soon to 24 Carrot Island: Beta Carrotene!

Members out there… be sure to stay tuned to this soon… if you are not a member, come and check out Super Thunder’s Blog:!

🏝 Poptropica Help Blog 💫

Hey, guys, BT here with a special piece of news: I looked on the 24 Carrot Island island page and I found this little thing added:

Beta Carrotene

Turns out the pink jumpsuit from earlier sneak peeks is the Members Only Beta Tester costume:

So… members can be beta testers now?! Holy slice of carrot cake, this sounds exciting! Well, from the sounds of this, it’ll be the original 24 Carrot Island quest except with a soundtrack, a bigger screen, and… “better navigation”. Oh great, don’t tell me the common room cursor is going to be a part of this…

Anyhoo, it looks like for right now, the soundtrack would be exculsively for 24 Carrot Island, but who knows if the Creators would ever make beta versions of other popular islands? Only time will tell, I guess.

BT out!

UPDATE (Fuzzy-B): The Poptropica homepage now has a banner for the upcoming 24…

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