Coming soon to 24 Carrot Island: Beta Carrotene!

Members out there… be sure to stay tuned to this soon… if you are not a member, come and check out Super Thunder’s Blog:!

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Hey, guys, BT here with a special piece of news: I looked on the 24 Carrot Island island page and I found this little thing added:

Beta Carrotene

Turns out the pink jumpsuit from earlier sneak peeks is the Members Only Beta Tester costume:

So… members can be beta testers now?! Holy slice of carrot cake, this sounds exciting! Well, from the sounds of this, it’ll be the original 24 Carrot Island quest except with a soundtrack, a bigger screen, and… “better navigation”. Oh great, don’t tell me the common room cursor is going to be a part of this…

Anyhoo, it looks like for right now, the soundtrack would be exculsively for 24 Carrot Island, but who knows if the Creators would ever make beta versions of other popular islands? Only time will tell, I guess.

BT out!

UPDATE (Fuzzy-B): The Poptropica homepage now has a banner for the upcoming 24…

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