Despicable Me, Non-Stop Summer

Hi guys!

Besides the Non-Stop Summer Ad that I was talking about the other day, because the Despicable Me 2 is coming out on 3rdJuly, there are new Despicable Me 2 Ads on Poptropica!


There is one game-in-poptropica to play, and there are two others that you have to open a new browser to play. If you click on those two games, though you haven’t played it yet, as long as you have opened the new window, your character will get a costumizable minion card and a Freeze Gun Power! The Minion is fully costumizable:) and the Freeze Gun seems to shoot out ice that should freeze you.

For the game-in-poptropica, you just have to find a car, (on the palm tree at the left), an AVL Badge (talk to the small girl who likes unicorns), the freeze ray gun (with the girl with the glasses –forgot her name) and the lipstick taser (from the old guy with sunglasses). You get a fart gun and a lipstick taser! They both shoot out stuff. (the fart gun really farts.)


Plus, Disney XD Nonstop Summer is still in Poptropica. Be sure to check it out because a new game has been released just yesterday.

That’s the new one.

Keep Popping!


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