Secret Project Clues!

Hey, I mentioned that I had a SECRET PROJECT in my last post, I can’t tell you yet because It’s secret and this project will probably take the same amount of time as creating an island… so the first clue is: It’s to do with costume creation! 😀

I’ll update you with more clues as I finish more and more of the project. 

~Nicey WP 


Virus Incoming…

Before you start your journey into the human body, make sure your own body is fit first! The Poptropica Creators have released a screenshot on the Creator’s Blog showing people working out in the gym. Those workout people have new Poptropican hair… I hope they are costumizable after the island is released to finish up my secret project (SHH)!

Plus, look at the corner of the screen-It’s the new Poptropica backdrop!  I can’t wait to listen to the sound too once Virus Hunter is released (my, no wonder it’s taking such a long time).

Anyway, if you get too tired, don’t forget to have a break and read a new comic also recently released by the Creators called Pandemic Panic:

I can’t wait for the next 5 parts! Also don’t forget to check out the new Virus Hunter Info Page.


My Paper Rabbot will not bleed

Oh my! I loved the Dr Hare Paper Craft (my sis and I actually made it) and now there’s the Insignia Rabbot Paper Craft! Whoopee! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vote for us on LEGO CUUSOO, and get a new Rabbot paper craft!


We are inching ever closer to reaching our goal of 10,000 supporters for“Dr. Hare’s Lair” on LEGO CUUSOO — almost 8,500 so far!

To keep the momentum going, we’re giving away another free item. The new Rabbot Paper Craft is now available!

This new item will pair nicely with our previous Dr. Hare Paper Craft, which is still available.

Download your Rabbot Paper Craft today, and make sure to support us on LEGO CUUSOO if you haven’t already done so. Together, we’ll make it to 10,000!

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Those Cheats Work!

Hey guys, after you have participated in all Disney XD games (I have), you will receive the complimentary Ironman Outfit! It looks good when playing Super Power Island 😀


Anyway, the cheat Ctrl+Shift+S works when you are wearing a costume! Press the “Make Me a Hero” for your Ironman, Captian America or Hulk Costume, and the clothes you are wearing will automatically be costumizable! Cool huh? 

Disney XD still on…

Updates for Disney XD: 

Monday, July 15, 2013

NEW STUFF: Disney XD’s Non-Stop Summer!


The Non-Stop fun continues during Disney XD’s Non-Stop Summer onPoptropica! We just unlocked Randy Cunningham’s gaming area. Jump on your bike and check it out!

While you’re traveling around, don’t forget to jump into the Porta-Potty Room to get a free costume and take a ride on the rainbow toilet. 

You may also run into a new character called “The Space Man!” If you talk to him, he might make you float high into the sky. 

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