Chima Change

Hi guys,

It seems that in the Legends of Chima Ad, there are prize difference depending on your gender!

If you are a girl, you get the Eris Outfit:


Notice how your eyes somewhat have eyeliner. Also, the costume is more feminine.

But if you are a guy, you will get the Laval Outfit.


This costumize looks more like a men’s and the costume looks bigger.

Unfortunately, like Captian America, you only can put it on or take it off, which means it is not costumizable. Well, unless there is a cheat, but I don’t know if anyone has found one yet.

To get the costumes, you have to play a game where you use Speedorz to obtain three different Chi. When the ad first began, I have a hunch the Chi was smaller… anyway, you get one of the two costumes and a Speedorz Power–you run around the screen in Speedorz:


Anyway, have fun collecting the Chi!

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