Virus Hunter Island is Official

Hi Guys,

I know this I’m late to post this, but V-Hunter Island is official on Poptropica!

The Virtual Virus Costume is out. You can walk around like a virus, terrorizing other poptropicans:)

The Sneeze Powder and Inside-Out power is not here yet.. though. Here are the previews:

Virus Hunter Island Members Only Items and Cards

Ah… I have no higher resolution available:(.

PLUS I forgot to repost this:

Friday, June 28, 2013

You’re acing this test

In just over a week since we launched 24 Carrot BETA Carrotene Island, we’ve already been able to make a lot of fixes and improvements thanks to your help. Some of the big ones include:

  • Fixing the entrance to the sewer that was giving lots of players fits
  • Improving the inventory so that it’s easier to put on the drone ears
  • Eliminating jittery performance in the smelter

We’re also continuing to work on other issues like improving play control, minimizing lag, and implementing the classic movement cursor.

Your feedback is absolutely invaluable to us. By beta testing these new features, you’re helping to make Poptropica better for everyone. And that’s important! If you’ve already played through the test and sent us your responses, we’d love for you to go through again and let us know how the changes worked for you.

If you’re a Member and haven’t played 24 Carrot BETA Carrotene Island yet, visit Poptropica now to get started. Not a Member? Find out how to get Membership.

avatar image
Recently it’s always been Binary Bard, Captain Crawish and Black Widow on the PCB.
Oh, and also Dr Hare, who is now a lego model. Get Dr. Hare Paper Craft (since I forgot to post that too). I made a craft:) It was fun:D

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