Smurfs2 Located!

I took a long time looking for the Smurfs2 Ad since I saw the clothing was nice so I wanted to go and find the ad. When I did the ad, I found it at Ghost Story and Wimpy Boardwalk, but they are now replaced by that Monster High Video Thing.

The Monster High Video things is just advertising to send a song or video to monster high. You can also get a monster high singing effect, which gives you a mic, and when you press space-bar, you get this…


Anyway, back to the Smurfs2 thing. I can’t find it now to get the outfit for my 3rd Poptropican, but anyway, in the Smurfs2 Ad, a Ferris Wheel cracks loose and it’s up to you to decide to be good or bad!

Getting Smurfy!

Getting Smurfy!

If you choose nice smurfs, you have to avoid all obstacles within a time limit. You then get a prize, which is a smurf costume based on your gender. Once you are done, go out and go in again and you can choose nice smurf or naughty smurf again. Naughty is just to run over as many obstacles as possible. You get the naughty smurf costume based on your gender, which is actually nicer than nice smurf. 😀 Especially for the girl.

Get Smurfy!

Update: Smurfs2 is now at Lunar Colony Island!! Your skin will automatically turn blue/grey after putting on smurf hair. 

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