VHI Review by Nameless

Hi, I’m not a member so this is a review by my friend Nameless UNdefiNED. Her blog is poptropicanawesomeness.wordpress.com. Don’t forget to check it out:)


The Long Wait is Over

Virus Hunter Island has finally been released for Members only! All Members out there, don’t forget to start playing VHI now! This Early Access period is also the last chance you have to get the Virtual Virus Costume, so make sure you don’t miss it! 

Here’s the trailer video once again for Non-Members to enjoy before the release of Virus Hunter Island to all. 



Virus Incoming

Hi Guys, Nicey here with an update. 

The creators have probably heard our cries and know that all of us are only waiting for Virus Hunter Island to come out. The recent PCB post included the trailer video for Virus Hunter released earlier. Captain Crawfish even mentioned that Early Access for Members would come out this week! 


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