Happy 6th Birthday, Poptropica

Hi guys, It’s Nicey. Sorry this is a bit late…

There are two updates today, so let’s get started. I’ll start with the latest one first.

Virus Hunter Island will be out for Non-Members in just a week! This also means that all Members only have one week left to get the Limited-Time Virtual Virus Costume! This costume is in two parts, and the top segment will make your face a diamond while the bottom will replace your legs with virus tentacles, such that when you walk, your new legs scuttle around instead of just moving back and forth.


Second, the SHIP FOLLOWER is now available for Members Only! I’m not a member, so I’m not sure how it looks like. All other costumes from the Vending Machine are now all sold out. For those who have gotten all of them, congratulations! You now own some limited edition costume items!

Members: To get this ship follower special item, you have to finish Virus Hunter Island first. Then, go to the vending machine at Main Street to get your ship follower from the “?” card.

Second Update:

Poptropica is 6 years old! This year’s prize is a 6th Birthday blue decorated top hat. When you hit the spacebar, the number 6 pops out with a bang 😀 The free 6th Birthday Balloon is also found in the store. Also, when a balloon with the no.6 pops up in a Common Room, don’t forget to click on it to receive your limited edition Poptropica Birthday Hat!

  Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

So don’t wait! 


Update: For some magical reason, the 6th Birthday Ltd Ed. Costume appeared in the store items for my dude character, cococornion. 

I'm feeling lucky :D

I’m feeling lucky 😀

It wasn’t there for my girl accounts…. is it luck?



Liv and Maddie ads.. and more viruses incoming

Hey guys, Nicey here. Some updates….a new ad… actually two are out in Poptropica. 

The first one is Liv and Maddie ad from Disney. You just have to watch a video, and I got twin power, which made me have a follower looking exactly like me. I saw it before in a common room and I thought it was a glitch, but turns out it isn’t! 

The second ad is Spirit Animals. You can go in and talk to the different people and also get a follower, along with being able to costumize green armour. Sorry, I don’t know much about spirit animals. 



I’m back (again)

Hi, it’s Nicey, and I’m back with Chrome 😀 

There was just something wrong with my Chrome and it wasn’t responding yesterday, but now it is, so I don’t have that Adobe Flash problem anymore. Yay! ❤ Chrome 😀 

So some updates on Poptropica: 

For those kids who were out last week, or were out on a holiday, the Hazmat Suit is no longer available. It says at the Virus Hunter Vending Machine “sold out”. Instead, the new Sci-Fi Doctor is available at the machine, but probably only for this week! So don’t miss the chance! 


The “Special Action” is similar to the Gamer costume. The goggles are pushed up such that people can see your eyes when you hit the spacebar, and goes back to normal (as shown above) after you press space again. 


I’m back! With some updates

Hi guys, It’s Nicey! My second Common Test is over, and I have a one week holiday before the final school term begins (I live in Singapore, and that’s in Southeast Asia). So basically, some Popupdates:

1. New Advertisements: Applebees and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

I wasn’t able to find Applebees yet. I recently started to use Poptropica on internet explorer because the Adobe Flash on my Google Chrome couldn’t establish a connection with Poptropica 😦 Oh well. At least I still can play it with the internet explorer.



Anyway, the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Ad involves passing through a breakfast bog and not falling into the honey. For the first time, you don’t have to “restart” when you fall into honey, and simply have to click on the “Click” button that appears after you fall off the food. After passing the giant burrito-sandwich thing that opens and closes, you will get the prize. For guys, it’s the Flint Costume and girls get the Sam Costume. Both genders get the piece of cake costume, which is pretty cool.

It's a piece of cake!

It’s a piece of cake!