Digging Up Poptropolis

Hi guys, Nicey here. I just came back from a camp, and now my fingers hurt from campfire,  abseiling and rock-climbing. So, this post may be a little rushed.

Poptropolis Games Digging-up-the-Island Demo is released on Poptropica! There’s a small little speech bubble over the ripple of what used to be Poptropolis Games on the map, enabling you to land on a small boat dock. The commentator for Poptropolis is there, and he’ll tell you that you can help to dig up Poptropolis Games island! All you have to do is to head into the diving chamber.

You’ll enter a minigame where your character, clad in a Poptropolis diving suit, has to avoid jellyfish, sharks and other fishes to reach the bottom of the sea to dig up Poptropolis with a pickaxe. It’s kind of fun, and after digging once, you get one point for your tribe! You can redo the game more times to get more points.

Diggy Diggy Hole...

Diggy Diggy Hole…

In a Fishy Situation

In a Fishy Situation


Who’s Tired and Comes from a Bird?

Get it, because ‘sleepy’ means tired and ‘feathers’ come from a bird…never mind.

Anyway, I’m Sleepy Feather! I’ve been on this blog but failed to post my intro post…I’m really sorry about that, by the way. Anyway, I’m on various blogs but I’m also a Poptropica fashion designer! I have several multiple accounts to design new costumes on Poptropica. Right now, I’m working on my costume for the PHB’s 5th Costume Contest! I’m also an obsessive fangirl and the shows/books/etc. I fangirl over are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Disney and the Night Vale podcasts – oh, and Poptropica, of course!

I started a petition once that didn’t end well and I’m currently suffering massive writer’s block attempting to pen the next chapter of The Adventures of Sleepy Feather, my epic saga set in the unfinished Monster Carnival Island. So, thanks for reading…bye!

Free Turkeys

Hi guys, Nicey here, and there is another new ad on Poptropica. It’s called Free Birds.


In the quest, you have to go back in time to prevent the turkeys from becoming roasted for Thanksgiving. Your character will temporarily turn into a turkey and you have to run around saving little turkey chicks from being captured. Just find some walking chick or walking egg and click on it. You have exactly 1 minute to find 10 of them, and it’s pretty easy.


After you finish the quest, you get a free Turkey Costume and the S.T.E.V.E Power. Here is the turkey costume:


When the STEVE Power is activated, an egg similar to the time machine entrance will land in front of your character and the machine will say “I’m S.T.E.V.E!”


There is also a second costume. The boys will get the Reggie bird costume while girls get the Jenny bird costume

Jenny (Girls)

Jenny (Girl)

Reggie (boys)

Reggie (boys)

This doesn’t stop me from eating turkey for Thanksgiving 😀

“Free Birds” will be released in cinemas 1 November. Official Site here.

Hold your nuggets!


The Latest Halloween Trick-or-Treat Candy: Tootsie Roll Pops!

HI guys, Nicey here, there’s a new advertisement in town. It’s a Tootsie Roll Pop ad, which is basically a lollipop advertisement. The question is:

How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? 

Let’s find out.

You have to talk to “Mr Cow”, and you will then start your Ad Journey. You’ll have to jump across the hills, jumping on mushrooms to boost you and avoiding the bees that will knock you over to talk to different animals to find out how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop. You’ll have to meet 4 animals, Mr Cow, Mr Turtle, Mr Fox and Mr Owl.



Mr Owl will then lick the Tootsie Pop several times and just finish it. Then, the quest is over, and you get a handheld Tootsie Pop and Tootsie Roll power, which causes Tootsie Rolls to fall from the sky. The Tootsie Pop handheld item power is really cute. Your character will lick the Tootsie Pop!



And about the question….

How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? 

I guess the world will never know.


Catching Baby Mice for Halloween?

Hi, Nicey here, and I have several updates.

First of all, the OFFICIAL Back Lot and Virus Hunter Island guide on iPhone and Android is available in Google Play store and the App store now.


To download for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, visit the App store.

To download for your Android device, visit Google Play.

Second, there is a new advertisement in Poptropica, and it’s called Babymouse. It’s in the same format as the previous Dork Diaries advertisement, except everything is pink and computer-marker-drawn. There’s a trivia on Babymouse on the first floor of the advertisement room, but it doesn’t really give you anything. Anyway, you can get a prize on the second floor, which is the “Queen of the World” power. When activated, the screen goes like this:


The last announcement that I have: The PHB is launching their 5th Halloween Costume Competition!! You just have to comment a link to your costume (and don’t change anything you’re wearing with that account until 31st October). There will be 10 winners, whose costumes will be featured on the PHB Costumes Page.


More details here. 

Have a happy Halloween!


Under the sea with the Little Mermaid, Dork Diaries and Desmond Pucket

Hi, this is the review of all the ads by Slanted Fish from the Poptropica Help Blog. Sorry, I am tired so here it us. I promise I won’t do this again.

🏝 Poptropica Help Blog 💫

Deep in the Poptropica sea, you might find some bored-looking fish who couldn’t care less about the diver in the bright blue – at least in this sneak peek. Maybe it’s for Poptropolis Games 2013?

There’s also a few ads currently in place around Poptropica. The Little Mermaid Diamond is on SOS Island and you can play a game to help Ariel find her voice. You’ll transform into a mermaid and swim with Flounder, and a bar at the top shows you how close you are. Avoid obstacles and watch your health in the top-left corner. At the end, you’ll win a Sebastian Follower and Dinglehopper power, which gives you a fork (press spacebar to make your or others’ hair go crazy).

little mermaid

Dork Diaries can be found on Back Lot and you can get the Dork Diaries Power upstairs, which gives you a baton (spacebar to have the DD…

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Well. Is this a glitch?

Hi guys, Nicey again.

This is weird.

You know during the 6th Birthday Celebration, there was the 6th Birthday Balloon in the store?

Well I was on Shrink Ray Island using my niceychao account, Tiny Heart. I wanted to inflate the Balloon (you know, just for fun) and instead of the number 6, it had the Poptropolis Logo on it! I didn’t even buy the balloon set.

This is fishy.


May Poptropolis Rise once more...

May Poptropolis Rise once more…

New Ads in Poptropica

Hi guys, Nicey here. Well, I’m back, as mentioned yesterday. I just manage to finish Virus Hunter today. Well, Don’t blame me because I had exams to finish and i had a Harry Potter movie marathon yesterday and most of today. Well, there are new ads in Poptropica, so let’s get started.

Little Mermaid Diamond Edition

This quest involves swimming with a mermaid tail… and you have to swim long enough to reach Ariel without hitting too many obstacles. You have a life bar, and there is also background music, which is Disney’s Under the Sea. It’s quite fun. In the advertisement room, you’ll be in scuba diving gear and you can swim around the place.


There are more, but that’s all I can find for now. Good luck!


Update: There are two more new ads, Desmond Pucket and Dork Diaries. But I am too lazy. Sowee… 😛