Nicey is Back :D

Hi guys, it’s Nicey


So i’m back to posting and now I have internet 24/7 which got unplugged for exam period.

Soo…. some updates.

well… Poptropolis Games 2013 is coming soon! What’s better is that we can ensure that it’s most probably coming out this year, or it won’t be called Poptropolis 2013.

I’ve actually made a sort-of prophecy to my sister that they probably decided that the Poptropolis 2011 was too easy–you didn’t have to do some prelude to start the games, you see. It also did not have anything to do with Atlantis except that it used to be in the sea. So they probably want to make it underwater for a twist and a challenge.

Yes. Check out the info page here for the extras. It’s printable poster and desktop wallpaper… usual. Anyway, the Creators are also planning to have a live player map for this, with the markers being torches instead of viruses!! 😀 I suppose the members-only limited items that were here in the past for 2011 Poptropolis are coming back again. I think.

Here are some clips from the island.

Under the deep blue sea.

Under the deep blue sea.

This is SO CUTE :D

This is SO CUTE 😀

Argh… I actually don’t like the new widescreen format. It has music and everything… by it keeps lagging on my sister’s Macbook and the navigation is really bad. No offence, though. Just stating my opinion.

Anyway, so happy halloween too to people who are celebrating. You guys can go to… Great Pumpkin or Haunted House. It’s cool, seriously. I’m not kidding 🙂


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