New Ads in Poptropica

Hi guys, Nicey here. Well, I’m back, as mentioned yesterday. I just manage to finish Virus Hunter today. Well, Don’t blame me because I had exams to finish and i had a Harry Potter movie marathon yesterday and most of today. Well, there are new ads in Poptropica, so let’s get started.

Little Mermaid Diamond Edition

This quest involves swimming with a mermaid tail… and you have to swim long enough to reach Ariel without hitting too many obstacles. You have a life bar, and there is also background music, which is Disney’s Under the Sea. It’s quite fun. In the advertisement room, you’ll be in scuba diving gear and you can swim around the place.


There are more, but that’s all I can find for now. Good luck!


Update: There are two more new ads, Desmond Pucket and Dork Diaries. But I am too lazy. Sowee… 😛

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