Free Turkeys

Hi guys, Nicey here, and there is another new ad on Poptropica. It’s called Free Birds.


In the quest, you have to go back in time to prevent the turkeys from becoming roasted for Thanksgiving. Your character will temporarily turn into a turkey and you have to run around saving little turkey chicks from being captured. Just find some walking chick or walking egg and click on it. You have exactly 1 minute to find 10 of them, and it’s pretty easy.


After you finish the quest, you get a free Turkey Costume and the S.T.E.V.E Power. Here is the turkey costume:


When the STEVE Power is activated, an egg similar to the time machine entrance will land in front of your character and the machine will say “I’m S.T.E.V.E!”


There is also a second costume. The boys will get the Reggie bird costume while girls get the Jenny bird costume

Jenny (Girls)

Jenny (Girl)

Reggie (boys)

Reggie (boys)

This doesn’t stop me from eating turkey for Thanksgiving 😀

“Free Birds” will be released in cinemas 1 November. Official Site here.

Hold your nuggets!


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