Who’s Tired and Comes from a Bird?

Get it, because ‘sleepy’ means tired and ‘feathers’ come from a bird…never mind.

Anyway, I’m Sleepy Feather! I’ve been on this blog but failed to post my intro post…I’m really sorry about that, by the way. Anyway, I’m on various blogs but I’m also a Poptropica fashion designer! I have several multiple accounts to design new costumes on Poptropica. Right now, I’m working on my costume for the PHB’s 5th Costume Contest! I’m also an obsessive fangirl and the shows/books/etc. I fangirl over are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Disney and the Night Vale podcasts – oh, and Poptropica, of course!

I started a petition once that didn’t end well and I’m currently suffering massive writer’s block attempting to pen the next chapter of The Adventures of Sleepy Feather, my epic saga set in the unfinished Monster Carnival Island. So, thanks for reading…bye!

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