Digging Up Poptropolis

Hi guys, Nicey here. I just came back from a camp, and now my fingers hurt from campfire,  abseiling and rock-climbing. So, this post may be a little rushed.

Poptropolis Games Digging-up-the-Island Demo is released on Poptropica! There’s a small little speech bubble over the ripple of what used to be Poptropolis Games on the map, enabling you to land on a small boat dock. The commentator for Poptropolis is there, and he’ll tell you that you can help to dig up Poptropolis Games island! All you have to do is to head into the diving chamber.

You’ll enter a minigame where your character, clad in a Poptropolis diving suit, has to avoid jellyfish, sharks and other fishes to reach the bottom of the sea to dig up Poptropolis with a pickaxe. It’s kind of fun, and after digging once, you get one point for your tribe! You can redo the game more times to get more points.

Diggy Diggy Hole...

Diggy Diggy Hole…

In a Fishy Situation

In a Fishy Situation


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