Happy Pranksgiving!

Hi guys, Nicey here. There’s a new ad in Poptropica called Pranksgiving.


(I found it on Steamworks Island)

So, basically, the objective of this Disney XD Advertisement is to help Crash (the purple muppet-looking weird0) prank two kids. When they are under a red, purple or green circle, press the button of the same colour of the circle they are on to prank them. You have to prank them on all the circles; and you have two kids to prank. There will be a practice session, and then the real pranking. The real pranking has a shorter time limit, so you have to be fast!

Game Objective
Game Objective

After you’re done, you have to talk to four kids to get the grand prize. Unfortunately, to this day, there are only two kids, so you’ll have to wait two more weeks to talk to the other two kids and get the grand prize. There will be a bar at the side of your screen that looks like this:


Have fun!


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