The Tired Feather is Back!

Hey guys! I’m back! Before I had to leave because I was starting Grammar School (Year 7-13, from ages 11-18 respectively), but now that I have a good schedule, I can return!

Just so you know me, I’m Sleepy Feather. I’m not yet a teenager. I love reading, writing, obsessing over fictional characters or events and, of course, playing Poptropica, which I’ve been doing since Skullduggery Island came out. (Seriously, I made my first account on the day it came out for non-members.) My current username is BiancaHunterOfArtemis if you want to friend me, though of course, you don’t have to.

I prefer the old Poptropica way more than the new one, for many reasons -one of them being Costumizer. I’m really mad that they’re making Mythology Island into the new format and I hope they fix the Costumizer  soon, because Mythology is one of my best sources of Poptropica clothing. I also liked it before when they gave you 100 credits p/island – it made it way easier to get items from the Store. Ah, well.

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