Hello this is lula4schmidt.
I am here to tell you about a raffle I’m having.

I am going to raffle poptropicans that have ad stuff on them.

If you want to enter please comment below.

To be in this raffle you need:

An email

That’s all for now!

– image@

(By  the way that photo/drawing above Scary Plug drew not me

isn’t it awesome?!)

New costume!








(Note. If you can for some reason can not do this friend peaceout10926 and customize him.)   Peace Out boy version

you find the hair on a random poptropican

you find the shirt on a random poptropican

you find the smile and pants on a random poptropican

and you find the necklace on Hippie Harry

Nicey can you please put this on the costume page



Hi everybody. I’m lula4schmidt! Here’s a few facts about me about me.

1. I like to watch a lot Disney shows.

2.I like to draw.

3.I like waffles.

4.I love poptropica.

5.I love chocolate!

6.I love cheese!

Time for random poll!


Sorry for the Inactivity

Hi guys, Nicey here.

Sorry for the inactivity…Whoever’s reading this.

I’ve been really busy this year, and I’m also working on another blog 

And I’m REALLY SORRY I haven’t been posting! I’ve been posting there more often, but now I’m really, really short on authors, and I would really appreciate it if you could help me out here 🙂

PS lula4schmidt from The Pop and Bop blog may be joining soon once she accepts the request! 🙂