Super Nicey-Administrator 

I’m an 11-year-old girl, and I love Poptropica and making new costumes and stuff. I also like Harry Potter, Disney and My Little Pony a lot. I like fantasy believe in magic, and lots of other people think I’m immature, but I’m like WHATEVER because  I like being who I am :D. Oh yeah, and I’m not from America, and English isn’t supposed to be my first language because I’m an Asian (Chinese) but whatever, because I live in Singapore and we all use English here. So excuse me for timezone differences, and it’s not weird if you see me commenting at 2am in the morning wherever you are.

I am recently obsessing with a Youtube show called The Crack and An Egg’s Guide to Minecraft by Element Animation. You should check it out!

I’ll change the the crack video featured here every once in a while.

StarWolf, Starlight Autumn Early Poptropica Champion-Author 

I am a girl who loves Poptropica,Bridget Mendler,and Teen Titans!
POPTROPICA IS MY LIFE! I also love blogging.
Peace Out.

(Starlight Autumn is currently on hiatus) 

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