I’m sorry about this, because I haven’t even made my introduction post yet, but I am resigning. I won’t have any time to post here until school starts back. I’m sorry, but WP, could you please remove me??  I am still blogging, but this summer is busier than ever, and I won;t have any extra computer time until September 20th-ish…  You can see me blog on the five blogs I can remain on, but I’m sorry…


Teen Titans POP / Poptropican Awesomeness / Heroes Of Poptropicans / All Things Poptropica / Music, Life-long.


Sorry, maybe I will be allowed to join back after school starts… But I’m currently limited to 2 hours of computer time PER 24 HOURS??!! 😦 So I don’t have enough time, since I trying to get my new music site set up…  Sorry about this, WP please remove me?


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