Costume Contest!

We/I am having a  costume contest. If you win you get a special costume I call  “Bob,the Bald Boss” made completely on MC island. You get to do whatever you want with Bob. Haveing a name For your costume Is optional but improves your chances of winning.

The rules:

1.Your costume have to be made by you. If you enter and if I find out your costume isn’t made by you, you are disqualified  from the contest.

2.You need a email.

That’s mostly all so if you want to enter comment below.

One more thing,………………..

The winners costume gets posted on one of the costume pages.





– lula4schmidt- 🙂


The Top 50 Islands

Hi guys, Nicey here.

Don’t be mistake by the post title. There are no 50 islands on Poptropica ^.^

The Creators have posted that the Top 50 Poptropica Dream Island Contest Finalists are out! Don’t worry, 50 new fan-made islands are NOT going to be created all at once. The creators are just going to need a little more time to decide. I can’t wait what the next island and first ever fan-made island is going to be!



OMG is that a blue cap? That’ll be so cool! Just hoping the new island will be Poptropica’s classic index version so that the Costumizer is still available!

Speaking of Poptropica Index Versions, I recently came across a PHB Post mentioning that since the Monster Carnival Island teaser did not have a “Now with Sound” unlike all the island trailers, Monster Carnival Island may be released in the Index Version just like it was supposed to be before! YES I love the index version… It’s not glitch, the navigation is smoother and most importantly, who doesn’t want COSTUMIZER?

Have Fun!


Catching Baby Mice for Halloween?

Hi, Nicey here, and I have several updates.

First of all, the OFFICIAL Back Lot and Virus Hunter Island guide on iPhone and Android is available in Google Play store and the App store now.


To download for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, visit the App store.

To download for your Android device, visit Google Play.

Second, there is a new advertisement in Poptropica, and it’s called Babymouse. It’s in the same format as the previous Dork Diaries advertisement, except everything is pink and computer-marker-drawn. There’s a trivia on Babymouse on the first floor of the advertisement room, but it doesn’t really give you anything. Anyway, you can get a prize on the second floor, which is the “Queen of the World” power. When activated, the screen goes like this:


The last announcement that I have: The PHB is launching their 5th Halloween Costume Competition!! You just have to comment a link to your costume (and don’t change anything you’re wearing with that account until 31st October). There will be 10 winners, whose costumes will be featured on the PHB Costumes Page.


More details here. 

Have a happy Halloween!