Cabins, Football, and Snakes

So, the above seems like a pretty weird combination, but those are the latest Creator’s Blog posts!

Snakes! Why do there have to be snakes?

Go visit the wacky, fun quest for players between the ages of 6-11 on Monster Carnival’s Main Street. Win 3 games and you’ll grab the ultimate prize!

Don’t miss out on this one.Ā Visit Poptropica now!

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Anyone here a Slytherin? šŸ˜€

Celebrate the beautiful game with eight new outfits!

We’ve got football fever here at Poptropica — and that’s why we’ve released a new card in the Poptropica Store that lets you costumize fromĀ eightĀ different outfits to celebrate the beautiful game!

These kits are adorned with the national colors of the eight best soccer teams in the world. No matter which you choose, you’ll still be number one!

The Football Fever outfit is available exclusively to Poptropica Members.Ā Become a Member todayĀ to get yours!

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Black Widow is a football fan? Woah.

Have you gotten your Survival: Cabin Fever extras?

We recently added some bonus freebies to celebrate the upcoming fourth episode of the series, Survival: Cabin Fever.

To get your free printable poster and desktop wallpaper,Ā visit our Survival info page! And keep an eye out here for news about when you can play Survival: Cabin Fever.

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Crumbs….those heads are creepy….

Forgotten Messages

We’ve missed quite a few Creator’s Blog posts!

Monday, February 3, 2014

The long, strange journey of Monster Carnival

Longtime Poptropicans know that Monster Carnival was supposed to be one of our earliest Islands. It was announced in 2008, and even added to the travel map with a message that said “Coming Soon.” Then it disappeared without notice.


There have been a lot of explanations over the years. Some were closer to the mark than others. Frankly, we’d like to let the conspiracy theories go on, because they’re more interesting than the truth. But it’s time we came clean.

Monster Carnival was removed from the Poptropica travel map because it wasn’t finished, and everybody was too busy with other projects to give it the attention it needed. That’s all! We really just announced it too early, got onto other things, and never came back to it.

But as Monster Carnival continued to live on in the imaginations of our players, we couldn’t let it go. What a great name! Every year, when we discussed what new Islands to make, somebody would say “Monster Carnival!” and everyone else would nod. Then we’d pick a bunch of other Islands to do instead.

Maybe we were intimidated. We all know what happens when something becomes anticipated for too long. Better to leave it as an unrealized dream, rather than risk not delivering.

Well, every dog has his day, and the same is true of a great idea for a Poptropica Island. Monster Carnival is very real this time, and we hope it is worth the wait.

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I heard that the island was too scary for kids, so they got rid of it. That clown face on the Ferris Wheel = creepy.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Have you gotten your Monster Carnival freebies?

We’ll have plenty more to announce about Monster Carnival in the days to come, but if you’ve been sleeping on the Monster Carnival freebies we’ve already released, now’s the time to get them!

Visit theĀ Monster Carnival info pageĀ to download your free desktop wallpaper and printable poster. And keep an eye out for more news about Monster Carnival!

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Ooh, I wonder if that bird-guy is the Ringmaster.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A video tour of Poptropica Labs

We found a great video by a Poptropican named “Perfect Sky” that we had to share.

Those are some impressive creations, Perfect Sky! It’s amazing how clever our players are.

Don’t miss your chance to try out the Land Protoype in Poptropica Labs. It won’t be available forever.Ā Become a Member today!

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Not a member. Kicks the air.

Building the Land

So Poptropica released an all-new member’s only features (the Poptropica Labs), and they have gotten every single screenshot (apparently) sent by members.

It’s been just over a week since we opened up anĀ experimental new featureĀ for our Members to try out. Since then, thousands of people have created their own spaces on Poptropica and sent us screenshots of their work. There’s some great stuff here! We wanted to spotlight just a few.

Big RaptorĀ built this cool launch pad, spaceship, and command center. We are ready for lift-off.

Fast CometĀ built a huge structure above ground, but it was the underground dungeon that caught our attention. Watch that water table!

Mad TigerĀ brings us this stately abode, only two gables short of being worthy of literature.

Here,Ā Serious BirdĀ tries to set the record for most stuff piled up in one place.

We’re loving all of it! Can’t wait to see more. If you’d like to try out the Land Prototype,Ā become a Member today!

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They did mention it was a prototype – do you think that means they’ll release it to non-members after a while too?

Has anyone pointed this out?

Hi guys, Nicey here.

Has anyone noticed this? Instead of “Island Tour” next to the blimp on the Poptropica Home Page, it now says “About Poptropica”.


Clicking on it will open a Youtube Video, featuring an updated version of the Poptropica Tour until Virus Hunter Island and the release of the second costume Galactic Hot Dogs advertisement.

I think the cool thing about the video is the island popping-up animation that the Creators made:


What do you think?


Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2×2

Hi guys, there are 2 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs advertisements!

The first one is a video advertisement. After watching a video, you will receive the Barry Costume, which technically turns you red and covers your face.


Video Advertisement

Video Advertisement

Double Barry!

Double Barry!

The next advertisement is a quest advertisement. Basically, when you go in, Flint will tell you that they need help to get their boat across the foodimal seas. Anyway, you just have to click the jump button whenever a foodimal appears on the waters, or they’ll slow you down and you’ll lose if you hit too many of you. It requires a lot of fast reaction and hand-eye coordination!



After you’re finished, you receive the animated Bacon Cheeseburger hair and Steve back item (Good limited edition items to have after the advertisement is no longer in Poptropica!)

Cheespiders and Steve!

Cheespiders and Steve!

Have fun!






Islands Come and Go…but whatever goes must come back

Hi guys, Nicey here.

I know this is really late, but the thing is, I have to focus more on studying now because I have this big exam called the PSLE, which means I’ll be posting less often… sorry šŸ˜¦

1st of all, Mocktropica is out for all!! EVERYONE CAN PLAY NOW! Finally šŸ˜€ My sister was really caught up on playing the Megafightingbots monitor in the university for O Captain, My Captain (she said it was a Dead Poets SocietyĀ Reference because the real poem O Captain! My Captain by Walt Whitman was there) and she was almost going to win the final round (after winning the first and losing the second) and Safety Bot had like, 1mm of health and then she died D: It happened twice


The creators mentioned that “dreams do come true, then again nightmares do”. It means they finally actually LISTENED TO US! YEAH!

Now it’s just more waiting….


PS A new author, Silly Pelican, is going to join Poptropica Costumes Closet! I haven’t sent her the invitation yet, but I will soon once she gives me her username šŸ˜€

Tomorrow and Today

HI guys, Nicey here! I know this is late, but Mocktropica Island Bonus Quest featuring Live Megafightingbots is now out for Members! Members play now! Also note that there is less than 24 hours until the Unfinished Costume disappears from the Poptropica Store for almost, forever, so for members, don’t wait! Since the Unfinished Costume is “finishing” up, it also means that Mocktropica will be online for ALL players (16 Jan 2014)! Finally!



So for members, don’t wait! For non-members, I guess you have to wait…


Happy Pranksgiving!

Hi guys, Nicey here. There’s a new ad in Poptropica called Pranksgiving.


(I found it on Steamworks Island)

So, basically, the objective of this Disney XD Advertisement is to help Crash (the purple muppet-looking weird0) prank two kids. When they are under a red, purple or green circle, press the button of the same colour of the circle they are on to prank them. You have to prank them on all the circles; and you have two kids to prank. There will be a practice session, and then the real pranking. The real pranking has a shorter time limit, so you have to be fast!

Game Objective
Game Objective

After you’re done, you have to talk to four kids to get the grand prize. Unfortunately, to this day, there are only two kids, so you’ll have to wait two more weeks to talk to the other two kids and get the grand prize. There will be a bar at the side of your screen that looks like this:


Have fun!


Poptropolis Games Coming Next Week!

Hi guys, Nicey here. Sorry I haven’t been online… I couldn’t use the computer for a week and have spent a long time typing on my android (which takes a long time). So… I’m back!

Poptropolis Games is coming next week! Thank you guys for helping to dig up Poptropolis! If you haven’t, you still can help to dig up the island (until next week).


Digging Up Poptropolis

Hi guys, Nicey here. I just came back from a camp, and now my fingers hurt from campfire, Ā abseiling and rock-climbing. So, this post may be a little rushed.

Poptropolis Games Digging-up-the-Island Demo is released on Poptropica! There’s a small little speech bubble over the ripple of what used to be Poptropolis Games on the map, enabling you to land on a small boat dock. The commentator for Poptropolis is there, and he’ll tell you that you can help to dig up Poptropolis Games island! All you have to do is to head into the diving chamber.

You’ll enter a minigame where your character, clad in a Poptropolis diving suit, has to avoid jellyfish, sharks and other fishes to reach the bottom of the sea to dig up Poptropolis with a pickaxe. It’s kind of fun, and after digging once, you get one point for your tribe! You can redo the game more times to get more points.

Diggy Diggy Hole...

Diggy Diggy Hole…

In a Fishy Situation

In a Fishy Situation