Lemme start up-side-down

Let’s see who won This! (Mad thunder)

Slippery Raptor!

Congrats, man! 


Let’s see who won THIS! (Grey Lizard)

Bony Catfish!

Congrats, BC!


Let’s see who won THIS! (Grey Lizard)

Popular Runner!

Enjoy the costume and account, PR!

Let’s see who won This! (Wild Kid)

Fearless Rock!

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for….,

Before I even breathe a word about the final account, I just wanna say, for those who didn’t get anything, don’t feel bad, because I picked fairly with my eyes CLOSED. And NO ONE should ask me how I got them. It is confidential. (P.S- Thanks SP, you gave me inspiration!!)

Here we go!

Let us see who got the rarest one…. THIS ONE (Red Lizard)




Congrats, Budder! 

Sorry Zaynah, Scary Plug and Eco Girlz 2! ;(

I will email you people the details soon!


So, as the title says, I am gonna have a raffle. To see the costume, click HERE.

Well!!! Some more costumes!!!

THIS! (Grey Lizard)

AND THIS! (Grey Lizard)

This! (Wild Kid)

This! (Mad thunder)

The first is obviously more rare!

Okay so you need a email to enter. Comment below if you wanna enter.

UPDATE:- I will be picking the name on 1st of September. You have till then to enter. 

UPDATE:- Authors can also join!

Mission Atlantis: Fortress of the Deep is coming tomorrow!

It’s here! It’s finally here !

“We’re happy to announce that Early Access to Mission Atlantis: Fortress of the Deep will be available tomorrow. In the second part of your Mission Atlantis adventure, you’ll explore a mysterious doorway at the bottom of the sea and try to find a way inside.

Early Access to Mission Atlantis: Fortress of the Deep will be available exclusively to Poptropica Members. Find out how to get Membership so that you can be among the first to play!

That’s not all: tomorrow, everyone will be able to play Survival: Distress Signal. We’ll let you know the moment both of these adventures are available!



Can’t wait for it!


Hello this is lula4schmidt.
I am here to tell you about a raffle I’m having.

I am going to raffle poptropicans that have ad stuff on them.

If you want to enter please comment below.

To be in this raffle you need:

An email

That’s all for now!

– image@

(By  the way that photo/drawing above Scary Plug drew not me

isn’t it awesome?!)