This page is for girl costumes!

The White Paw Look

by Superniceywhitepaw

Credits needed: 0 credits

You have to have completed Shrink Ray/SOS Island. You also cannot be in a far out place like the moon in Lunar Colony or in Edo in Red Dragon Island.

  1. Go to shrink ray island and copy C.Jโ€™s hoodie and shirt (actually, any shirt is fine)
  2. Go to Cryptids Island and copy the girl-with-the-hatโ€™s skirt.
  3. Copy a ponytail from either a random poptropican, Biker Girl Outfit or the co-producer at Back Lot Island or the girl at Main Street Twisted Thicket
  4. Go to Lunar Colony Island and copy the headphones and mp3-player-like-thing from the guy outside the Final Frontier Gift Shop OR you can copy the same things from the guy that was last in line in front of Twin Palms Mall. If not, copy normal bangs from the girl-with-the-braid on Reality TV Island.
  5. Get the small flip-up bang from the Goth boy standing by the helicopter at Reality TV island (if you have not finished the island, he is outside the TV Shop)
  6. Dye your hair brown or orange and your skin just a little bit lighter than tan.
I rock :D

I rock ๐Ÿ˜€

Fashion Fairy

by Superniceywhitepaw

Credits needed: 75 credits (Pop Star)

  1. Go to Red Dragon Island and copy the jacket from the guy outside the Magic Tree House Store.
  2. Go to Aphrodite in Mythology island and costumize her bangs with earrings.
  3. Get the Nanny McPhee dress from a common room. Theyโ€™re pretty popular.
  4. Get the really popular polka-dotted belt from someone in a common room.
  5. Get the small flip-up bang from the Goth boy at Reality TV Island.
  6. Find the Tinker Bell fairy wings.
  7. Copy the girl-with-the-hat-on-Cryptids-Island hair (back portion only)

poptropican (21)

Ordinary Girl

By Superniceywhitepaw

Credits needed: 75 credits (Vampire Girl 3)

You must have either finished Shrink Ray or have not started. You cannot get this costume if you are halfway through now.

  1. Use the randomizing glitch to get a cell phone. Optional if you give up.
  2. Make your hair brown and your skin just lighter than tan.
  3. Copy Vampire Girl 3โ€™s front bangs
  4. Copy a braid from a Mythology girl at the Poseidon place (the place with Aphrodite). If you donโ€™t like purple, costumize any other single braid from a Poptropican. OR long straight hair found from a random Poptropican in EP or summinโ€™.
  5. Get Hippie Harryโ€™s peace necklace.
  6. Get a sling bag from someone in a common room. Optional if you cannot find it since I donโ€™t really use it anymore.
  7. Go to Shrink Ray Island and copy the dress that looks like a blue and clean version of Sarah Snootyโ€™s from the girl with the balloons in her hair.
  8. Get any color star from Soundstage 2 Makeup Station in Back Lot Island.

poptropican (1)

Disney Princess Pack


By Superniceywhitepaw

Credits Needed: 150 (Vampire Girl 3 and Mythology Surfer Girl) or 400 (Vampire Girl 3, Mythology Surfer Girl and Followers Classic Pack)


  1. Go to Cryptids Island and costumize the black-clad girl’s Gamer Girl hair.
  2. Go to Diamond Plains in Wild West Island and copy the overalls of the girl that looks like a Native American.
  3. Make your hair black and your skin rather tan.
  4. Get the Hummingbird Follower (Optional)
  5. Get the Seastar (starfish) necklace from the Poseidon Mythology Surfer Outfit
  6. Get Vampire Girl 3’s front bangs.
  7. Mouth: Pink lips or just a smile.


By Superniceywhitepaw

Credits Needed: 225 (Cowgirl, Royal Ball and Prom Queen)

  1. Get Prom Queen’s full hair and blush.
  2. Costumize your hair blond and your skin fair.
  3. Get Cowgirl’s lips (or any red smiling lips that look decent)
  4. Get Prom Queen’s full dress
  5. Go to Wild West Island, Diamond Plains Saloon and get the choker from the Saloon Lady.


Ballet Girl, before class

by Superniceywhitepaw

Credits Needed: 150 (Swan Ballerina, Biker Girl)

  1. Get Biker Girl’s jacket
  2. Get Pink Swan Ballerina overalls
  3. Any lips; pink
  4. Go to Reality TV Island and get the fringe from the goth boy.
  5. Get second part bangs from Random Poptropican, or specifically the girl on second level at where people are in Steamworks Island
  6. Hair can be any color. Mine is bubblegum pink.
  7. Go to In The Now in Night Watch Island and get the brown bag


Teenage Daughter of Hades

Special Thanks to Nameless UNdefiNED for providing this picture. This is an original by her. I’m working with her on the Poptropica Awesomeness Blog. Anyway…


Name:ย Teenage Daughter of Hades

Creator:ย Nameless UNdefiNEd

How to Create it:ย (150 Credits and Mythology Island completed required)

  • Crown, Hair: Hadesโ€™s Crown (Mythology Island)
  • Purple and Black bangs, star: Rockstar 2 (Store)
  • Top, Skirt: Gothic Cheerleader (Store)
  • Belt, Necklace: Goth girl (Astro-Knights Island, Ye Olde Rumor Mille)
  • OPTIONAL: Equip the purple Electrify if you have it (Store)


by Superniceywhitepaw

(suggested by blevens1526)

Credits Needed: 75 (Vampire Girl 1)

  1. Get Vampire Girl 1’s hair
  2. Go to Reality TV Island and get the bangs from the Goth Boy
  3. Make your skin green and your hair a dark shade of green
  4. Go to Astro Knights Island and ride your spaceship to Pluto Moon and costumize one of the alien’s turquoise suit (I forgot which alien it was :D)


Just Another Princess

by Sleepy Feather

Credits needed: 75 (Royal Ball)

  • You can use any hair and skin colour for this, it doesnโ€™t matter.
  • First, head to Mythology Island. On Main Street, there are two girls. Costumize the earrings from the one with fruit on her head and the main hairpiece for the one without fruit on her head.
  • Then go to Mystery Train Island. From the woman in yellow, Costumize the feather boa and the lips.
  • Afterwards, go to Astro-Knights Island and go to the castle. In front of it, youโ€™ll see a woman in purple. Costumize her belt.
  • Time to spend some credits! Purchase the Royal Ball costume from the Store and choose the blue one. Costumize the dress, but nothing else.


Nicey’s Note: Get the hair before Mythology becomes an SUI!ย 

Vampire Wannabe

By Sleepy Feather

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.28.28 PM

  • First of all, go to the 24 Carrot Diner and make your hair black.
  • Then, do Ctrl+Shift+S (Cmd+Shift+S on Mac) to make your skin paper-white.
  • Then go to Vampireโ€™s Curse Island. Find the girl in the movie line and Costumize her hair, mouth and the bags under her eyes.
  • Then go to Astro-Knights Island. Costumize the skirt and skull belt from the girl up on the ledge.
  • After that, go to Cryptids Island and Costumize the top from the girl in black on Main Street.

Styles Pack

The Prep

  • Okay, so first of all head to Cryptids Island. Costumize the curly hair from the girl with the beret.
  • On Mythology you’ll find the lips and curly bangs, the lips on Aqua Girl and the bangs on Green Girl. Even after Mythology becomes an updated island, I’m sure you’ll find them in common rooms and such.
  • The skirt comes from the girl in Bobo’s Clown Store on Counterfeit Island.
  • The waistcoat-thing and white vest is from the girl on Main Street, also on Counterfeit Island.
  • If you want, add one of the handbags from In The Now, but I didn’t…

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.53.24 AM


The Hipster

  • The hair is also from Cryptids – from the girl with the beret.
  • The hoodie is from Shrink Ray Island, on CJ.
  • The jeans come from the shark fin seller on Shark Tooth.
  • The glasses are from the guy with braces on Loch Ness.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 12.08.48 PM


The Movie Nerd

By: Imagi Cat (AKA Cidkis, I changed my name)

->Glasses from the guy standing outside Bed & Breakfast on Cryptids island

->I seriously just customized the rest…. friend MovieNerd2252

->Sorry about no picture… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Still experimenting with WordPress…


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  2. Is the “White Paw Look” the “Nicey” look you’d like me to draw?

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    • Yup! Except I have headphone, not bangs… I’ll send you an email ๐Ÿ˜€
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      • Alrighty. Thanks, I wanted to make sure before I was drawing it ๐Ÿ˜› And I’ll check it out ๐Ÿ˜‰

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