Mission Atlantis: Fortress of the Deep is coming tomorrow!

It’s here! It’s finally here !

“We’re happy to announce that Early Access to Mission Atlantis: Fortress of the Deep will be available tomorrow. In the second part of your Mission Atlantis adventure, you’ll explore a mysterious doorway at the bottom of the sea and try to find a way inside.

Early Access to Mission Atlantis: Fortress of the Deep will be available exclusively to Poptropica Members. Find out how to get Membership so that you can be among the first to play!

That’s not all: tomorrow, everyone will be able to play Survival: Distress Signal. We’ll let you know the moment both of these adventures are available!



Can’t wait for it!


Hi guys!!!!

So, I’m new here, and I’m Cidkis(pronounced KID-kis, mind you)! I love Poptropica, League of Legends, Black, Purple, Blue, Green, everybody reading this (:P lol), cats, owls and every other bird. Hahaha! I’m just got into 6th grade! I’m 11.




Well that’s it so see you!

Costume Contest!

We/I am having a  costume contest. If you win you get a special costume I call  “Bob,the Bald Boss” made completely on MC island. You get to do whatever you want with Bob. Haveing a name For your costume Is optional but improves your chances of winning.

The rules:

1.Your costume have to be made by you. If you enter and if I find out your costume isn’t made by you, you are disqualified  from the contest.

2.You need a email.

That’s mostly all so if you want to enter comment below.

One more thing,………………..

The winners costume gets posted on one of the costume pages.





– lula4schmidt- 🙂



Hello this is lula4schmidt.
I am here to tell you about a raffle I’m having.

I am going to raffle poptropicans that have ad stuff on them.

If you want to enter please comment below.

To be in this raffle you need:

An email

That’s all for now!

– image@

(By  the way that photo/drawing above Scary Plug drew not me

isn’t it awesome?!)

Myths Rock! (At least in this post they do.)

The new Mythology island just came out for members yesterday.

So what did YOU think?