Listen up with your HARE EARS!

Hi guys! There’s a new Dr Hare code from the Lego CUUSOO Project! It’s DRHARE7500 (No caps). Once you activate it, everyone in the room will have Dr Hare Ears! Image

Once you leave the room, the power will be gone. Well, they finally decided to give us like, a quarter of Dr Hare’s costume that you can only get if you by the Dr Hare plushie…:)

Speaking of Dr Hare, he, along with the other creators, have decided to enlarge the screen on 24 Carrot Island! If you are a member, soon a Beta Tester costume will end up in your backpack! This is how the HUGE screen looks like now in comparison to the old one (taken from the PCB):



Click to see how big the picture really is! 

I hope they really do that for Counterfeit Island and Dr Hare’s Secret Lab so  I can see the minions of whatever villain easier. 

Or maybe they should just stop doing that and focus on Virus Hunter because Moi=IMPATIENT FOR NEW ISLANDS!