Cheats and Codes: Cheat Codes!

This is a page of the Creator’s sweet treats for us, found scattered all over Poptropica. I would like to thank Slanted Fish of Poptropica Help Blog for allowing me to use information from her blog.

Keyboard Glitches

(For Mac users, press Command instead of Ctrl)

Ctrl+Shift+R: Randomizes your character’s outfit, hair and skin, even eyes. (except gender). This will change your whole outfit

Ctrl+Shift+S: Changes your character’s skin color and can also be used for many cheats

Ctrl+Shift+H: Changes your character’s hair color; if it shows history click on the Poptropica screen and try it again

Ctrl+Shift+P: Character wears a pumpkin mask. Type the same code to remove the mask.

Ctrl+Shift+1: Character laughs

Ctrl+Shift+2: Character sobs

Ctrl+Shift+3: Character has a red face and is angry. While the character has a red face, you can press the other emotions and the character will perform the other emotions with a red face.

Ctrl+Shift+4: Character jumps into the air in victory

S: Skip Dialogue. If it doesn’t work, click on the screen and try again.

F8: Pauses game. Useful when the part you are playing does not have the pause sign at the corner of the screen. It works almost everywhere.

Promo Codes

These codes can be entered either at the bottom right hand corner at the Homepage or on top of the Gold Cards in the store. There is no need to switch on Caps when you type them in. In fact, this may alter the code, in the end typing an invalid one. Here are some of the promo codes that still work:

SKULLBOOK: Skull Pirate Costume

DRHARE7500: Dr Hare Ears Power

DRHARE5000: Dr Hare Balloons

DRHARE10000: Dr Hare Light and Shadow outfit

WIMPYKID2012: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Multi-Prize Card of a Queen, a King and the Big Ben to costumize

(No longer accessible)DRHARE2500: Giant Carrot Costume

Free Outfits! 

Usually you have to go to the Store to buy your costumes, but here are some places you can get some rare outfits for free!

Viking Suit

In Time Tangled Island, during the period of the Vikings of Sweden, get your very own Viking Outfit! Go outside the cave, but don’t go in. Then, equip your glider and fly as left as you can till you reach the other cliff. You will come across a Viking Outfit!


Go to Early Poptropica Towers and jump four stories high on the green building. Then, click on the top left corner of the centre windowpane. You will get a Hypnotic Costume that is really meant to be more Members Only!

This was an old picture of the gold card. The current card has a “Members Only” backdrop.

Skull Mask

Go to Legendary Swords (get the item card from the store). In the second part of the cave, there is a section with ancient fossils. Jump up there and click to receive a skull mask among the fossils.

It’s free!

Nabooti Phone Codes

The Nabooti cell phone is found at Mountains of the Moon in Nabooti Island. Here are some numbers you can key in to get some free costumes!

  • 1225: Santa Hat and Sack
  • 911: Police Outfit
  • 411: Brain Helmet
  • 1337: Ned Noodlehead (Super Power Island)

Help I can’t move!”Glitch

“Discovered by Lula4schmidt

First you get to the part where you are stuck in the chair on MC island. Next use your hammer while in the chair.  You will be on the ground and not being able to move until you use the “Fried Dough”.

This page will be updated soon. 

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