Limited Edition Costume Collection

This page is for costumes that are no longer avaiable. Usually, costume parts are advertisement non-costumizable items or store items that are no longer in the store such as Rock Star 1 and Limited Edition Robin Hood/Pop Star.

Tiny Heart 

by Superniceywhitepaw

Tiny Heart is my first ever Poptropican. Her username is niceychao and this is what she looks like. I dubbed her costume “Candy Girl”.

poptropican (23)

This costume consisted of:

  1. Bubblegum Pink Hair
  2. Bangs 1: Braids Girl at Reality TV
  3. Bangs 2: Goth Boy at Reality TV
  4. Hair: Queequegs Coffee House 1 owner
  5. Mouth: Japanese girl outside Sumo House at Red Dragon Island
  6. Jacket: Biker Girl
  7. Belt: Biker Girl
  8. Shirt: Smurfs 2 Advertisement
  9. Skirt: Smurfs 2 Advertisement
  10. Handheld: Little Candy Cane available in the store during Christmas

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